Renaissance of Personal Style

The July 2017 issue of NYLON Magazine has this really cool spread called "Girls On Film," (it starts on page 84). Initially it was the hair in the spread that caught my eye, but as I flipped through I was reminded of this really cool photo series of Madonna shot by photographer Richard Corman in 1983. I first saw these photographs last year when I was online looking for old pictures of the East Village (you know, just a little self-inflicted torture). You can see all of the photographs on Richard Corman's website, including the contact sheets of the black and white series. They're so fucking cool.

The styling in the NYLON spread is no doubt outrageous and a lot less street than dear Madge in those portraits - but I love it. The suits, the embellishments, the insanely deep side part - so good. Now this is something I was sure would never come back. These are the (much more stylized) portrayals of the outfits our moms were wearing in the pictures of Christmas Eve at Aunt Tammy's house in 1985. Teen me looked at those photographs stored away in shoe boxes and was like "lol mom wtf." 

So I'm sitting there with my coffee and my magazine thinking about how it has all come back. There are always going to be trends and always the risk of missing the mark, but so many trends run parallel with each other these days. Case in point, the same NYLON issue has a spread featuring designers like Dior, Osman, and Karen Walker who have tapped into different genres like folk, disco, and country for inspiration - and it's all awesome. Think about that dangerous garbage pit of time known as your Instagram explore page. There are so many looks flying around, and I like to appreciate them all no matter what degree of intention is behind them. 

Then I got to thinking of a conversation I had with a friend a while back about whether or not periods of time could be defined by their look anymore. We couldn't think of how to uniquely describe the trends at this very moment - or how it will be looked back on 40 years from now. I pretty much blame everything on the internet, but between that and the side effects of fast fashion these days, everything is sort of a mashup of everything that came before it. For the longest time I thought that was such a shame - until today. It dawned on me flipping through this insanely eclectic (as they always are) issue of NYLON and started thinking... it's not bad that so many trends are recycled, that nothing feels 100% new anymore, because maybe... maybe we've entered the Renaissance of Personal Style. Now how fucking cool is that? I was excited at the thought and so inspired by the magazine in my lap. It was this realization that was a breath of fresh air. No better time than now for self-expression and a personal renaissance, so best not to waste it, I think -whatever that means for you. 

Check out Richard Corman's book of Madonna portraits. Madonna NYC 83